Any town of yours is a town of mine(s)


Well, here I am, only a couple of days away from my trip to Bosnia with really no planning left to do, yet this has somehow still left me feeling desperate and anxious. My disorganization thrives on substance - if I don't have something to be unorganized about, that is when I REALLY panic. It is a sort of contented cycle of disorder and random spazzing; after this amount of practice it has started to feel natural.

I leave on Sunday, six months to the day that I returned from my last trip through South America and over a year since I went away on that same voyage. In these past six months I have worked for four of them at Hockey Night in Canada in Toronto and then for the last two months (and upcoming three) I have been working for Alternatives, a bilingual Quebecois charity that designs web pages for charities overseas (like in Bosnia, just as an example). I got the job despite the fact that I do not speak French and that computers tend to explode upon my contact with them, thereby making me an imposed Amish through fear of electrical violence. My hunch is that equal-opportunity hiring practices in Canada now insist on having one "ignoramus" in every company.

It has been a whirlwind half-year of hockey, monster truck rallies, rioting in Quebec City and now, boom, off to Bosnia. (Note to self: Do not use the words "boom" and "Bosnia" in the same sentence again.) While working for the charity here I have not only been learning web design but also language skills to help me while overseas. Once I have finished my three months in Bosnia, I hope to be octalingual: I want to speak English, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Serbo-Croatian, Bosno-Serbian, Croata-Serbo-Bosnian and Esperanto. Ho, Jes, dolc esperanto!

Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian are all the same language, the name just changes depending on with which nationality you are speaking. The language(s) is hard for a variety of reasons - firstly, as an example, the word "luggage" is "prtljag", which is not so difficult as much as the fact that I worry about being arrested for having philosophical differences with words having 23 consecutive consonants. A slightly larger problem is that my Croatian language teacher simply disappeared about two weeks ago which seems like a bit of a bad omen for both my language skills and my time in Bosnia.

Anyway, there are now 48 hours to go and still lots of nothing to concern myself greatly with. Next stop, Sarajevo!